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What about us?

Impaxive is a global Boutique Consultancy holding multidimensional exposure in Soft Skill & Corporate Training Services. Our training solutions are developed by subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills - core enablers of sustainable business/career development

Soft Skill Training

Every worker, regardless of his or her position in an organization, must work at the highest possible level for teams and the organization to successfully execute on business objectives. Working at peak performance requires improvement in fundamental personal development skills and competencies such as time management, perseverance, productivity, listening, verbal and written communications, and more.

For workers to effectively contribute, organizations must provide access to training that supports skill development, retention, practice on the job and continuous improvement.

Workforces are diverse – full of individuals with personalized learning goals and experiences. Employees need to independently discover useful resources at many points along the work flow.

Our training program focuses on building personal performance skills and cover lessons on-

  • + Getting Results through Personal Power
  • + How to Succeed in Listening
  • + Writing Skills
  • + Making the Most of Your Presentations
  • + Skills for Communication Success
  • + Business Ethics Essentials
  • + Public Speaking Strategies
  • + Performing Under Pressure
  • + Time Management
  • + Discovering Your Strengths
  • + Work/Life Balance
Soft Skill Training

Employee Training

Continuous improvement and development of employees in the workforce is an investment in your organization. Focusing on employee growth and skill development is important with the constant changes in the workforce, due to new technologies and methods being introduced. Employee skill development has never been more important to address potential weaknesses and improve workplace consistency.

Impaxive’s employee training is here to upskill your staff with excellent professional development. We provide employees with the specific knowledge and skills necessary to garner a better workplace performance and improve engagement.

We instill and build confidence in your employees, enable team development, and deliver them the latest industry skills and job training. In addition, we offer effective training to help your organization retain the employees best suited for the job and be prepared to meet the demands of the workplace. Bottom line, the more skillful and knowledge your employees are the better.

Employee Training Benefits

Increased employee morale

Employee retention

Greater productivity

Increased consistency


Improved employee engagement

Management Training

Effective leadership is critical to any organization, and Impaxive’s management training helps individuals develops the management skills needed to be a dynamic and innovative manager. Impaxive’s management training program will develop your organizational leaders – or train new ones – on how communication and leadership qualities are prevalent in creating and growing the core of a business. A big benefit of effectively training your managers is that you better position them to train their staff and create a high-functioning unit, while also being able to effectively motivate their team to perform to the best of their abilities.

Employee Training Benefits

Greater team dynamic

Increased morale

Improved work relationships

Conflict Resolution Training

Encountering conflict in the workplace is sometimes unavoidable. The key to overcoming this friction is taking the proper and necessary steps in the conflict resolution process. Equip your organization with Impaxive’s advanced conflict resolution training. Doing so will help you facilitate the resolution of disagreements and build your conflict resolutions skills.

We’ll help you effectively manage internal or external conflict. By acknowledging, clarifying, and understanding the issue, both sides have a full and clear understanding of the conflict. Creating an actionable plan is necessary when company culture and competitive advantages are at risk. Diffuse any volatile situation before it leads to irreparable damage by taking advantage of our superior training. In the process, your organization will continue to grow and innovate. You’ll also reap the benefits of reduced costs from the new initiatives that are put in place. By becoming more effective, teams working together towards a common goal. In fact, proper conflict resolution can also help engage employees and strengthen work relationships.

Employee Training Benefits

A collaborative approach to resolving conflict

Increased employee morale

Personal growth

Improved communication skills

A rise in workplace performance